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This is a thoughtful thing to do for people who might be expecting bad or serious news. My family got in the habit when Grannybarb was really sick, and every time my phone rang I was terrified that it was a Serious Call.

So when we just wanted to chat, my mom and sisters and would text the other person ahead of time, so we knew that it wasn’t serious and we didn’t have to drop everything to take it/steel ourselves emotionally/get to a place where we could flip out if need be.

this has probably been said already, but this is ALSO a great and helpful thing for people who have stuff like intense anxiety about phones/social interaction.

because of those things, plus autism-spectrum difficulties with stuff like sudden task-switching and social minutiae, i need time to prepare myself even for something like a conversation with a friend.

if someone calls me spontaneously just to chat, my stress spirals out of control and i’ll actually have trouble with speaking words or making any sense. so i always ask the people i know who like social phone conversations to text me ahead of time if they want to talk, and then give me like 15-30 minutes to get my brain in order, because then i can actually enjoy talking to them instead of getting stuck in panic-mode from the start.

so yeah. texting. it’s a great invention. i don’t care what old people say. 

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Took a bunch of candles from my church’s Christmas service because I am CRIMINAL


But my friend you left so early! Surely something slipped your mind… You forgot I gave these also! Would you leave the best behind?

Ive never laughed so hard at a post

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I have a shitload of apparel, and I need it gone. Reblog with your username and ID and you’ll get loads of it! (I have to say, it’s mostly wraps. But there’s jewellery too!)

christina / 10733 / I have such a difficult time dressing my dragons any apparel helps.

Weyrbound 49890… Thanks for doing this! Also wraps are the best tbh…

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I never post any of my sketches here….

an oc of mine, rose. I have more interesting drawings of her but they’re all really really unfinished……..

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I haven’t had much of any problems with skype personally and I haven’t heard much of any problems with anyone else either.

I’m glad it works for you!

It doesn’t really work on my computer.

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"why do you want to take a picture of that store" - my mom

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Where’s that pic of the human and the like llama human and the human is feeding the llama human and he’s like “I owe you my life” and it’s in like Microsoft paint I really need it please



i’ve eaten that meme



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