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» Babs’ 50 Follower Giveaway!



…and this post is plain and lazy, but oh well.

In honor of gaining fifty followers on a blog where I pretty much rant about the coliseum and random pretty dragons, I’m giving these things away to TWO winners.

Each winner gets one of the familiars below:


And two x99 stacks of 4-point food.



First person picked will get first choice!


  • Just reblog with your username and ID
  • Likes don’t count (and make things very confusing)
  • You don’t have to be following me
  • This giveaway ends at 21:00 FR time (10:00 my time) today (7/22). Why less than a day? Because I work tomorrow and will probably forget about it if I let it go too long.
  • And that’s it!

tackysnaps 44077 — thank you!

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I’ve been thinking of doing a small 50-follower giveaway for a while, and now that I actually have 50 followers I can do it!

In order for you to win, your ask box must be open so I can contact you. If you do not respond within 24 hours you will be skipped!

I will probably be doing a 100 follower giveaway when I reach that milestone, as well.

Giveaway ends at rollover on Wednesday, July 23. Good luck!

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I have a lot of dragons for sale at my hatchery!

Most of these are adult previews, though the last two have already grown up. I’ll be exalting the ridgeback tomorrow, so if you want him you have until then to get him!

Feel free to ask me about 3-day holds, payment plans, and gem payment c:

Violet/Teal/Gold Male - 115k

Blue/Splash/Lemon Male - 200k

Black/Carribean/White Male - 35k

White/Violet/Violet Male - 30k

Platinum/Storm/Violet Female - 20k

Platinum/Violet/Storm Female - 20k

Navy/Shadow/Purple Female - 60k

Shadow/Royal/Teal Male - 40k

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She’s such a pretty and bright Fae, wowiee~!

Had fun with the smoke even though it took a while aha~

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The number keeps going up, so I just slapped a plus sign after that 150. WOW THERE ARE A LOT OF YOU. HELLO. Please come talk to me. What’s your favorite color. What did you have for lunch. Do you have a cat. 

MOVING ON - I appreciate you all and want to give away things. 


The FIRST PLACE winner will receive one Smoke Gene Scroll. SHINY!

The Second-Fourth place winners will each receive one of the new familiars - Silver Ferret, Permafrost Impaler, and Nochnyr. The second place person will get their pick, then the third place will pick between the two remaining, then the third place person gets whatever’s left. Pretty simple! 

I don’t care what you do with these things. If you want to keep and use them, AWESOME. If you want to sell them, that’s fine! They are gifts <3

Standard fare, reblog with your username and ID number to enter! Likes don’t count, but I smile at them. So that’s nice. 

You DO NOT have to be following me to win. But this is a 100% FR blog and I’m pretty cool (distant laughter). If you are following me and you win, I’ll throw in something cool. Or maybe food, since that was also a suggestion. 

I don’t like long giveaways, so this ends …  July 22nd at rollover! That’s like 4 days. Plenty of time. 

Good luck and stuff!

This ends today at rollover! :D

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His brother and two sisters have found homes, but this little sweetie’s still looking for a new home himself~!

Standard stuff, PM about a 3-day hold or payment plan!  10% off to lightning flight, dominant flight, holiday flight!  Just remind me so I can send you the lower amount via CR~

Last call on this little guy!  Exalting in the morning.

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New babies! All can be found here, at my hatchery.

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my mom told me to put the dog to bed but didn’t specify which bed 

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Quick and simple lifehacks.

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» If I can ever recommend one thing to you, it is this:


I have several done years of RPing, and this has taken me to countless different forums and, if you are at all familiar with RP forums, let me tell you, they were the lowest of the low some six or seven years ago.

In one of these forums, a legendary tale happened, a tale that, if I can ever recommend one thing to you, it is this:

The Ballad of Edgardo.

A story that happened to an anonymous RPer years ago.

Anyone will be able to appreciate it (and trust me, you will), but if you are kinsmen or kinswomen to me, if you ever had to experience the shittiest of RP forums and their terrible userbases, particularly that one guy that does whatever he wants and is an asshole that clearly godmods but gets away with it because the actual mods don’t give a damn, you will find the beauty behind the ballad that much brighter.

Just trust me on this one. It’s not a particularly long read, either.

I hope you enjoy The Ballad of Edgardo

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» working retail


me: hi how are you today?
customer: JUST LOOKING.

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